Jimmy Rogers


Gyro Stabilizers and Fin Stabilizers, What you Need to Know

Both Gyro and Fin Stabilizers are a great way to reduce the rolling and pitching on a yacht.  Having this technology onboard will make cruising and time at anchor more enjoyable, especially for those that are prone to motion sickness. Image of a Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer What is a Gyro Stabilizer? It is a computer controlled gyroscope, which […]

Caterpillar Three60 Precision Control, Making Maneuvering a Breeze

CAT Three60 Precision Control Electronic Levers and Joystick Are you looking at purchasing a new yacht and weighing out what propulsion system would be best for you?  The Caterpillar Three60 Precision Control system is definitely worth considering if you want the ultimate in docking, slow speed control and position holding capability.  These traits have in the past few years become synonymous […]

Why Purchase a Sea Ray Yacht?

So you are looking at purchasing a Sea Ray Yacht?  Good choice. If you have spent any time around a marina I am sure you have seen more than a couple Sea Rays while you were there.  As the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pleasure boats in the world, Sea Ray was, is and will continue […]

Why Purchase a Hatteras Yacht?

Superior Performance and Safety From the moment you fire up the engines and cut through your first wave, the Hatteras Advantage is apparent. Hatteras has developed a series of hulls that deliver a sharp entry and a soft, stable ride– the renowned “Hatteras ride.” This has been achieved by years of industry leading study and […]

Pod Drives in Yachts: Volvo Penta IPS, Cummins Mercruiser Zeus and ZF Marine

There are currently 3 different manufacturers producing pod drives for recreational boat applications, Volvo Penta has IPS, Mercruiser has Zeus and ZF Marine has the ZF pod.  In this article I will explain each in hopes that you will have a better understanding of them and their primary applications. Volvo Penta IPS Volvo Penta was […]

The Truth about Pod Drive Powered Boats and Yachts

This is a no BS assessment of my experience with Pod Drive powered yachts, from my personal experience as well as talking with numerous captains and owners. Mercruiser Zeus Pod Drive Volvo Penta IPS Pod Drive Since hitting the scene for the first time in 2006, Pod Drives have been a huge subject of discussion throughout the […]

Yacht Controller: Is it Something You Need?

The yacht controller can truly be a great asset to your yacht and enhance your boating experience.  Docking and low speed maneuvering is made simple so that even the most novice captain can look like a pro. The yacht controller is used to position your yacht precisely  where you want from any vantage point on […]