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Why Purchase a Sea Ray Yacht?


So you are looking at purchasing a Sea Ray Yacht?  Good choice.

If you have spent any time around a marina I am sure you have seen more than a couple Sea Rays while you were there.  As the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pleasure boats in the world, Sea Ray was, is and will continue to be the preferred boat of choice for someone looking for a cruising boat in the 18-61ft. size range.

I am sure that you are wondering, as did I for some time, why Sea Ray is such a dominant name in the boating industry?  Here are some reasons:

Product Range

Sea Ray offers a huge range of models that other manufacturers cannot even come close to.  This allows boaters to grow within the Sea Ray brand over the years, not having to jump or move to another manufacturer for that next step up in size…creating huge brand loyalty.


Although there are over 30 Sea Ray models in a given year, they have managed over time to lead the way for design and innovation throughout their product range…Be it a Sundancer, Sedan Bridge, Motor Yacht, Express Bridge or the new Venture…it always seems like you will find that new Sea Ray design or layout in a competitor a couple years down the line…after copying Sea Ray.


Sea Ray has over time proven itself to also be an industry leader in delivering a high quality vessel that can be enjoyed by its owners for many years.  From the high quality gelcoat outer finish to the engine choices to the upholstery…it is built to be low maintenance and stand the test of time.

Superior Design

Not only does Sea Ray design their boats and yachts to be eye catching and stand out on the water, but they are built with the needs of an American boater in mind.  Things that you may not notice right off the bat like cupholders, tons of innovative storage space, headroom, proper layout for great flow, line of sight when driving…they get the ever important details right…a Sea Ray Yacht not only looks flashy in the showroom, but it has the ergonomics and layout for years of boating enjoyment.


Sea Rays are manufactured in the United States and so are the vast majority of their parts.  Also, because of their popularity, many mechanics are familiar with their systems and can make quick repairs.  The enables you to not only get service through the Sea Ray dealer network, but there are many other service companies that can work on the total range of Sea Ray systems and even process extended warranty claims.


These 5 points result in:


  • You can be assured that there will always be a demand for a clean and well taken care of pre-owned Sea Ray Yacht.  You can rest easy that you are making the right investment in quality R&R with buying a Sea Ray…because when it is time to move up to the next one there will be a buyer to give your current Sea Ray a new home!

In summary, Sea Ray, especially in their 30-68ft. Yachts category have for years build the top quality, most desirable cruising pleasure boat in the World, and will continue to do so for years to come.


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