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Caterpillar Three60 Precision Control, Making Maneuvering a Breeze

CAT Three60 Precision Control Electronic Levers and Joystick

Are you looking at purchasing a new yacht and weighing out what propulsion system would be best for you?  The Caterpillar Three60 Precision Control system is definitely worth considering if you want the ultimate in docking, slow speed control and position holding capability.  These traits have in the past few years become synonymous with pod drives, but Caterpillar has used advanced computer and mechanical technology to employ these same principles to the shaft drive platform.

This is how they do it:

“CAT Three60 simultaneously actuates engine controls, transmissions, thruster(s) and propellers with a simple movement of the joystick controller.  It provides fully proportional power in any direction with propeller control down to 50 shaft RPM.  The system requires the use of Twin Disc QuickShift transmissions which provide the fastest response and vessel control, smoothly transmitting multi-directional torque in an amazing 50 milliseconds.”

Benefit: The transmissions move seamlessly in and out of gear while directing thrust in the proper place.  No clunking or lurching.

Using GPS, the CAT Three60 Precision Control system will utilize the main engines and thruster(s) to hold a fixed position

Benefit: Waiting for a bridge or want to bottom fish your favorite spot without dropping the anchor?  Just hit the position fix button and your yacht will stay in place.

Hydraulic thrusters are utilized to provide long term reliability and longer run time.  Some applications will only need a bow thruster for the system to work.  Larger applications will also require a stern thruster.

Benefit: You can lean on the system pretty hard and the hydraulic thrusters can handle the extra work load that an electric thruster could not.

 This is what is required for the system (comes all together in one package):

  • Caterpillar engines
  • Twin Disc Quickshift transmissions
  • Caterpillar electronic controls and joystick
  • Hydraulic bow thruster and possibly a stern thruster

This is not a system that can be retrofitted onto an existing platform, it is only available in a new build scenario.

In Summary, this is what you get:

  • Remarkably easy to learn system
  • “Push, twist and go” directional maneuvering
  • Superior slow speed vessel control
  • Access to full incremental power in any direction
  • “Station Keeping” ability 
  • smooth shifting from forward to reverse and propeller control down to 50rpm

Click here for more information on the CAT Three60 Precision Control System

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