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Yacht Controller: Is it Something You Need?

The yacht controller can truly be a great asset to your yacht and enhance your boating experience.  Docking and low speed maneuvering is made simple so that even the most novice captain can look like a pro.

The yacht controller is used to position your yacht precisely  where you want from any vantage point on the vessel…you are able to move freely around your yacht while maintaining total control of the engines and thrusters.


From my experience I have heard nothing but good things about the system, from yacht owner-operators to professionally captained ones.  Owner-operators can dock their yacht even in rough sea conditions with ease, taking away the hassle and anxiety of docking.  Professional captains love the system because it makes their job much easier and frees them up from the helm to help with dock lines…allowing them to take out the yacht even though they are down a crew member or 2.

For the great benefits it provides, the system only costs $13,000 to $18,000 depending on the size yacht you are installing it on!  The only pre-requisite is that your yacht has at least a bow thruster, with a stern thruster preferred for the ultimate in control.  It will utilize the thruster(s) as well as give you the ability to put your main engines in and out of gear.  There is no need for pod drives for this system, it works with conventional shaft drives.

Imagine taking your yacht out all by yourself, you can walk around the sides tying and untying your docklines while the yacht controller is fixed to a lanyard around your neck.  Need to bump the bow to port?  just hit the button.

Yacht Controller has recently come out with the Joystick Control System, enabling docking control with ease.  It also utilizes your yacht’s main engines and thrusters and can be retrofitted on just about any yacht.

In my opinion Yacht Controller is well worth the money if you want to have total control of your vessel when docking…and no docking anxiety!

For more information about the Yacht Controller, visit www.yachtcontroller.com

If you would like to discuss the Yacht Controller with me further, drop me a line at Jimmy@TGYG.com


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