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Why Buy a 58 Sabre? 2023 Sabre LUCY BELLE For Sale- Vessel Walkthrough

The Sabre 58 Salon Express is the ultimate couples cruising yacht. The flagship of the Sabre fleet, the 58 Salon Express offers the most interior volume of any Sabre model while still retaining the easy functionality and handling of the smaller models. Her exterior lines are classically understated, purveying a feel of elegance and class […]

The Different Types of Yacht Propulsion: Benefits and Drawbacks

In this article I will review the different types of propulsion found in yachts and the benefits of each.  This will help to understand why certain yachts have the powertrain they do. 1. Straight Shaft Inboard 2. V-Drive Inboard 3. Jet Drive 4. Surface Drive 5. Pod Drive 1. Straight Shaft Inboard Illustration of a Straight […]

Different Types of Yachts Explained

In this article, I hope to dispel the confusion surrounding the categories of yachts that exist and explain what each means.  There is definitely a lot of overlap in the categories or “types” out there… The types below are put into these categories: 1. Express, Express Cruiser, Cruiser, Sports Cruiser 2. Flybridge, Sedan, Sedan Bridge, […]

Buying A Pre-Owned Yacht

In this article you will learn the steps involved when purchasing a Yacht available for sale as a brokered (pre-owned) boat. This is a basic guide and cannot act as a substitute for a trained and knowledgeable broker, but will give you an understanding of the process. Step 1. Finding the Right Type, Make and […]

Why Use a Professional Yacht Broker?

Boat transactions usually involve large financial investments. Transactions today usually exceed $500,000, and in some instances can exceed $5,000,000. If you had a $500,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to handle it without the help of a CPA? If you had a $500,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of […]

2017 Hatteras GT70 “Gear Jammer” Offered For Sale By Her Original Owner

I am very proud to present for sale a flagship of the Hatteras sportfishing fleet, the 2017 Hatteras GT70 “Gear Jammer”.  The 5th Hatteras Yacht owned by a long time Hatteras enthusiast, “Gear Jammer” brings to the table the pinnacle of Hatteras design and fit and finish, and it does not disappoint! There was absolutely […]

2000/2012 Novatec 80 Supernova- Incredible Value for a Pre-Owned Yacht

In my line of work I get used to dealing with yacht models that are made in higher production numbers that many people in the yachting business have seen and are familiar with…brands like Hatteras, Marlow , Lazzara, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, etc.  All are good yachts, but there are also other manufacturers out there that […]

2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge “BUZZ MOBILE” For Sale

2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge BUZZ MOBILE for sale Listed for sale by central agent Jimmy Rogers of the Tom George Yacht Group I am proud to be offering BUZZ MOBILE, 2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge for sale.  Based out of Clearwater, Florida this yacht has had a top of the line maintenance program throughout […]

Selling an Older Classic Yacht

Tom George and I were approached a little while back by a long time friend of the family who had a client with a special situation. Bottom line there was a classic 1983 55′ Rybovich that needed to be sold quickly, cost effectively and to bring the absolute top value possible. The first thing I […]