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The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht (2005-2009)

A viable option when looking for a pre-owned yacht?

The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is a model that was extremely popular when it was actively in production in the mid to late 2000’s, 33 of them were produced between 2005 and 2009.  It was designed to be functional enough for the owner/operator but also large enough to provide space for the owner if he chose to have a captain.

She features a 3 Stateroom and 3 Head layout so each cabin has its own facilities and a huge full beam Master Stateroom with a king size bed and tons of storage to ensure total comfort for the owners.

64 Hatteras “CamilleKa”

Upper and Lower helm stations allow for different driving options for the captain while still having an abundance of lounge space throughout with a bright and airy feel.

64 Hatteras “Celebrate”
64 Hatteras “Celebrate”

The galley features both below and above cabinetry to maximize storage space, high grade appliances and plenty of counter space for entertaining.

64 Hatteras “Celebrate”

The dining table is close to the galley and elevated to provide great views while enjoying a nice meal in the air conditioning.

64 Hatteras “CamilleKa”

The salon is expansive for a yacht this size and provides plenty of seating on Hatteras signature couches (super comfortable) with a great A/V setup as well as icemaker and refrigerator options so a cold drink is never too far away

64 Hatteras “Celebrate”

Out the salon doors, the aft deck is a prime hang out to enjoy the sea breeze in the shade.  The huge teak table can provide seating for up to 8 in comfort

64 Hatteras “CamilleKa”

The flybridge provides the ultimate 360 degree view with plenty of lounge seating, dining table, wet bar, grill and more…the kicker here is with a full enclosure and air conditioning you can choose to be enclosed with climate control or open up the enclosure to take in the surrounding weather

64 Hatteras “CamilleKa”

Under the aft deck is an expansive storage garage with enough room for all the dock lines, fenders, folding bikes, teak chairs, cushions, etc…you would ever need. It is a rare option but some of the 64’s have a crew quarters there with A/C, twin bed, toilet and shower.

The engine room is painted like the exterior and provides plenty of space to maneuver around the engines, generators, A/C units and more.  Notice the organized wire runs.

The Hatteras construction has greatly contributed to the 64’s longevity and viability as a pre-owned yacht option vs other manufacturers.  Below is a list of the highlights that differentiate the 64 Hatteras from the others in the pack:

  • Fully painted exterior over the gelcoat layers. Paint has a harder and more durable surface than gelcoat that is easier to clean and holds up longer, keeping a shine even 12+ years down the road.  It is also easier and less expensive to re-paint a boat that has already been painted vs. painting a boat for the first time that was previously just gelcoat on the exterior.  Painting a boat is a very expensive and labor intensive process that no other manufacturer in this class does.
  • Extremely solid construction. The 64 Hatteras has a thick, solid fiberglass hull bottom, fiberglass structural grid stringer system, PVC cored hullsides (no balsa wood that can get wet and rot), Resin infused fiberglass and honeycombed bulkheads and decks, a 4 part hull to superstructure bonding process and fiberglass and epoxy bonding of the interior cabinetry to the hull and superstructure…Hatteras engineers think in terms of the structure enduring decades of service
  • Painstaking organization of electrical wiring and systems. Go into the engine room and you will see color coded and intricately organized wiring looms that have a chafe guard every foot.  This requires massive labor hours during the construction process and makes any electrical issues easy to track down and repair.
  • Integral Fuel Tanks. The fuel tanks in the 64 Hatteras are built into the hull at the lowest areas possible to get a low center of gravity and made out of fiberglass.  They are also built with a baffle system that keeps the fuel from sloshing around.
  • Reliable Engine Options. The 64 Hatteras was built with a few different very reliable engine packages that were well mated to the boat.  Caterpillar 3412’s were standard with upgrade options to C-30 or C-32’s or even an MTU 10V2000 Common Rail package.  Cruising speeds varied from 23kts to 27kts depending on what motors were installed.
  • Climate control via air compressors vs. chilled air. I may run into some differing opinions here but as these boats age the air compressor climate control systems are easier to replace and do not have the leaking issues throughout the boat that chilled air systems do later into their life.
  • Real wood cabinetry facing. From the medium cherry to African mahogany wood selections in the 64 Motor Yacht, all are holding up very well over time and have a timeless look to them vs other manufacturers whose wood delaminates, milks or just looks dated over time.
  • Soft goods meant to last. Unlike some other manufacturers, Hatteras utilizes only high grade soft goods throughout to ensure maximum longevity.  No microfiber headliners that sag and get discolored after 5 years, no Italian leather trim and upholstery that gets dry rotted and cracked, no cheap thin teak that wears out after 2 sandings.  No soft goods are meant to last forever but they can weather better over time and last longer.

See this walkthrough video I did of a 2007 Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht that is for sale:

The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht made it’s debut in 2005 and was hailed as an improved version of the older 63 Raised Pilothouse (debuted in 2001), which it shares the same exterior styling with.  The changes were numerous and included

  • Larger Salon
  • Full Beam Master Stateroom
  • Side by Side Berths in 3rd Stateroom vs. Bunks
  • Stairs to Flybridge from Aft Deck vs. Ladder
  • Larger Aft Deck
  • Elevated Galley
  • Centered Helm Station on Flybridge
  • Pipewelders Hard Top vs. Soft Top

The 63 Raised Pilothouse was a popular boat at the time, but the 64 really took off due to the above improvements that made her really stand out.

One big feature that makes the 64 Hatteras stand out from other manufacturers in this size range is the draft…it only draws 4’8″!  This is made possible by the extra engineering the Hatteras designers put into the prop pockets that allowed for the big propellers to be tucked up higher than what would normally be allowed…a great benefit of this also is that the props are better protected from damage.

I believe that in this mid to late 2000’s vintage the Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is truly a standout performer in her size and price point.  If you are in the market for something like it I would highly suggest a closer look.


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