Jimmy Rogers


Why Buy a 58 Sabre? 2023 Sabre LUCY BELLE For Sale- Vessel Walkthrough

The Sabre 58 Salon Express is the ultimate couples cruising yacht. The flagship of the Sabre fleet, the 58 Salon Express offers the most interior volume of any Sabre model while still retaining the easy functionality and handling of the smaller models. Her exterior lines are classically understated, purveying a feel of elegance and class […]

2000/2012 Novatec 80 Supernova- Incredible Value for a Pre-Owned Yacht

In my line of work I get used to dealing with yacht models that are made in higher production numbers that many people in the yachting business have seen and are familiar with…brands like Hatteras, Marlow , Lazzara, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, etc.  All are good yachts, but there are also other manufacturers out there that […]

The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht (2005-2009)

A viable option when looking for a pre-owned yacht? The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is a model that was extremely popular when it was actively in production in the mid to late 2000’s, 33 of them were produced between 2005 and 2009.  It was designed to be functional enough for the owner/operator but also large […]

Finding the Right Crew for Your Yacht- Part 1

So you have made the decision to get into yachting…great!  Yachting is a pastime that can provide you, your friends and family with truly unforgettable life experiences.  For the select few that have the financial capability to enjoy yachting it can provide the utmost in quality time, relaxation and adventure. Two of the most often […]