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MAN Common Rail Engine Maintenance Plan


This is a service guideline for Common Rail MAN marine engines.

The MAN common rail engine started appearing in marine applications in 2005 and is still widely used today in horsepower applications from 600hp to 1550hp.  It was regarded as a huge leap in technology from the old non-common rail MAN engines due to its increases in fuel efficiency and performance and its decreases in vibration, smoke and noise.

The MAN common rail engines are known for running strong and having few major issues.

The biggest drawback of them however is the service.  The intervals required by the MAN maintenance plan are more frequent and comprehensive than other engine manufacturers…meaning they are more expensive to maintain.  In addition, you need to be aware of where your nearest MAN certified service center is.  Only the MAN certified technicians can perform the services on them due to the computer hookups and parts required.  Your local guy could do basic things like an oil and filter change, but items over and above that will require the certified tech.

There are a lot less MAN certified dealers than there are for other engine manufacturers, so be aware where they are if you are looking at purchasing a boat with MAN engines…you could end up having to pay for extensive travel costs to get the services done.

The following is a basic guideline of the MAN Common Rail engine maintenance plan.  See the link at the bottom to download the PDF of the plan directly from MAN.  Also note that this does not include necessary maintenance on transmissions or generators.

Every 200 Hours or Once a Year

  • Change fuel filter cartridges
  • Clean fuel pre-filter
  • Drain water for aux. fuel filter
  • Check shaft alignment
  • Check condition of raw water impellers
  • Check all hose clamps, pipe connections and bolts
  • Check belt for proper tension adjust/replace as necessary
  • Check all hoses for leaks
  • Check all engine alarms and instruments
  • Check oil and coolant levels

Every 400 Hours or Once a Year

  • Change engine oil
  • Change engine oil filters
  • Change filter element of crankcase breather
  • Change air filter

At 400 Hours, 800 hours and every 800 hours after that

  • Adjust Valve clearance

Every 2 Years

  • Change both valve caps on expansion tank
  • Remove and clean, flush intercooler
  • Remove and clean, flush heat exchanger
  • Remove and clean turbocharger
  • Remove and clean charge air coolers and pipes

Every 4 Years

  • Change engine coolant
  • Change all hoses

Click Below to Download the Maintenance Plan Directly from MAN

MAN engines service interval


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