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Hatteras GT45x Bridge

Since it’s introduction in 2015, the Hatteras GT45x (formerly 45 Express) has been wildly popular, with 26 of them in the water and more on the production line.  Despite competitors attempts to imitate her success, she has remained the top dog in the 40’s size express yacht category.  This has been due to her incredible ride and handling characteristics as well as the renowned Hatteras build quality and fit and finish.

To add another level (literally!) to this yacht’s success, Hatteras is now producing a flybridge option for the GT45x, the GT45x Bridge.

The main helm deck is relatively unchanged with a fully equipped command station, but there is now a flybridge on top that offers 2 helm chairs, helm station and additional seating that would allow up to 6 people to sit up top comfortably.  Optional on the bridge is a full enclosure and air conditioning should you desire.

What is the appeal of the flybridge AND lower station?

  • choice of open air flybridge running or comfortable climate controlled running from lower helm
  • Flybridge is more comfortable and easier to access than a sportfish tower on an express
  • If serious tournament fishing some like the flybridge for visibility, but when fishing with a small group it may be easier to run from the lower station
  • For running long distances to the fishing grounds the single pane windshield and climate controlled lower station will get you there, but for the best fishing visibility the flybridge is preferred come fishing time.

bottom line…you have a choice that gives you more versatility with your yacht!

See below pics of the New Hatteras GT45x Bridge



For more information about the Hatteras GT45x Bridge, feel free to reach out to me, Jimmy Rogers, at 727-453-0422 or Jimmy@TGYG.com.  I am a certified Hatteras Yachts Dealer based in FLA.

To see more about the original Hatteras GT45x, see this other article: THE HATTERAS GT45x



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