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Catepillar C-32 Marine Engine Maintenance Schedule

This is a general guideline for service intervals on a Caterpillar C-32 Engine for recreational use

The Carterpillar C-32 Acert Engine is a V-12, 4 stroke diesel motor with a displacement of 32.1L.  It is seen in recreational marine applications with HP ratings varying from 1600hp to 1900hp

For further details please contact your local Caterpillar Marine Service Department.

Some of these services will coincide with one another to be done at the same time for convenience and to save the number to trips your mechanic will have to make to the boat.  These are items needed in addition to your regular inspections of the motors prior to use.

*Also be mindful that the transmissions and generator will require regular service, consult with the manufacturers of those systems as well.  Often the same tech can perform services on all of them at once.

There are 3 different types of intervals that CAT uses to measure whether or not a service is due:

  1. Hours of use logged on the motors
  2. Age of the motors
  3. Fuel burned by the motors

Initial 10 Service Hours

  • Inspect Engine Belts, tighten, adjust, replace as needed

Every 50 Hours

  • Check sea water strainers, clean as needed
  • Check zinc rods, replace as needed

First 500 Hours

  • Check and adjust as needed engine valve lash
  • Check engine valve rotators
  • Check and adjust as needed fuel injectors

Every 250 Hours, 1 Year or 6,000 gal burned

  • Check auxiliary water pump and impeller and replace as needed
  • Check battery electrolyte level and voltage
  • Check engine belts and adjust or replace as needed
  • Check coolant system levels and add additive as necessary
  • Obtain coolant system coolant samples
  • Check engine air filter and clean or replace as needed
  • Clean engine crankcase breather
  • Change engine oil and filters
  • Obtain oil samples
  • Replace RACOR fuel filters
  • Replace engine secondary fuel filters
  • Inspect all hoses and clamps and replace as necessary

Every 1000 Hours, 4 Years or 24,000 gal burned

  • Inspect aftercooler core, clean and bench test for proper function
  • Check aftercooler condensate drain valve, clean as needed
  • Replace closed crankcase ventilation fumes disposal filter
  • Inspect turbocharger, repair as necessary

Every 3000 Hours, 6 Years or 72,000 gal burned

  • Inspect heat exchanger, clean and repair as necessary
  • Inspect primary and aux. water pumps and impellers, change as needed
  • Change cooling system coolant
  • Replace cooling system water temperature regulator
  • Inspect crankshaft vibration damper
  • Inspect engine mounts
  • Clean and inspect engine speed/timing sensor
  • Check and adjust as needed engine valve lash
  • Check engine valve rotators
  • Check and adjust as needed fuel injectors
  • Inspect starting motor, replace as needed
  • Inspect Alternators, replace as needed
  • Inspect oil cooler core, repair/replace as needed

See below link to download the actual full Caterpillar C-32 Maintenance Schedule:

CAT C-32 Marine Maintenance Schedule


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