2017 Hatteras GT70 “Gear Jammer” Offered For Sale By Her Original Owner

I am very proud to present for sale a flagship of the Hatteras sportfishing fleet, the 2017 Hatteras GT70 “Gear Jammer”.  The 5th Hatteras Yacht owned by a long time Hatteras enthusiast, “Gear Jammer” brings to the table the pinnacle of Hatteras design and fit and finish, and it does not disappoint! There was absolutely […]

2000/2012 Novatec 80 Supernova- Incredible Value for a Pre-Owned Yacht

In my line of work I get used to dealing with yacht models that are made in higher production numbers that many people in the yachting business have seen and are familiar with…brands like Hatteras, Marlow , Lazzara, Ocean Alexander, Horizon, etc.  All are good yachts, but there are also other manufacturers out there that […]

2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge “BUZZ MOBILE” For Sale

2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge BUZZ MOBILE for sale Listed for sale by central agent Jimmy Rogers of the Tom George Yacht Group I am proud to be offering BUZZ MOBILE, 2008 Marlow 78E Command Bridge for sale.  Based out of Clearwater, Florida this yacht has had a top of the line maintenance program throughout […]

Hatteras GT45x Bridge

Since it’s introduction in 2015, the Hatteras GT45x (formerly 45 Express) has been wildly popular, with 26 of them in the water and more on the production line.  Despite competitors attempts to imitate her success, she has remained the top dog in the 40’s size express yacht category.  This has been due to her incredible […]

The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht (2005-2009)

A viable option when looking for a pre-owned yacht? The Hatteras 64 Motor Yacht is a model that was extremely popular when it was actively in production in the mid to late 2000’s, 33 of them were produced between 2005 and 2009.  It was designed to be functional enough for the owner/operator but also large […]

The New Hatteras M75 Panacera

Introducing the new Hatteras M75 Panacera.  She is stylish and cutting edge inside out, sure to catch the eye of onlookers, while remaining firmly planted with the Hatteras roots of quality, safety and top of the line fit and finish. This new addition to the Hatteras fleet carries along the new lines and styling that will set the […]

The Hatteras M60 Motor Yacht

The original Hatteras 60 Motoryacht was introduced to the Hatteras Lineup back in 2009 and was a breath of fresh air in the 58-65ft motoryacht segment.  There is simply no competitor that offers the same amount of interior space, quality of build and style that the Hatteras M60 has.  As a result, she has remained […]

Why Purchase a Sea Ray Yacht?

So you are looking at purchasing a Sea Ray Yacht?  Good choice. If you have spent any time around a marina I am sure you have seen more than a couple Sea Rays while you were there.  As the largest manufacturer of fiberglass pleasure boats in the world, Sea Ray was, is and will continue […]

Why Purchase a Hatteras Yacht?

Superior Performance and Safety From the moment you fire up the engines and cut through your first wave, the Hatteras Advantage is apparent. Hatteras has developed a series of hulls that deliver a sharp entry and a soft, stable ride– the renowned “Hatteras ride.” This has been achieved by years of industry leading study and […]